Dr. Vishwanath Bite

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

Recently while pursuing my hobby of reading self-help literature, I accidentally came across this masterpiece of self-help. In 30 minutes, I found the core of the entire self-help books and material available on the internet and in libraries. I have been rigorously listening and reading at the same time and following the advice ardently for more than a month now. Being a teacher, I couldn’t resist sharing this powerful and beneficial knowledge about success in life with my students and young minds I wish to uplift. Listen/ read and follow this for 30 days straight, and I guarantee that you will be successful in your life. No one can stop you from being successful. Unknowingly I have been following a lot of things said in this speech in my life. I hope that you get inspired by his wisdom and insights.

UGC NET Paper-I (Solved) June 2019

Q.1 A shift in attitude in respondents between two points during data collection is called(1) Reactive effect(2) Maturation effect(3) Regression effect(4) Conditioning effectAnswer: 3 Q.2 The time-frame in which a study explores a situation or problem is also called the (1) reference period(2) age(3) longitudinal(4) retrospective timeAnswer: 1 Q.3 The major characteristic of correlation analysis …

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UGC NET Paper-I (Solved) November 2017

1. Which of the following pollutants is the major cause of respiratory diseases?(1) Volatile organic compounds(2) Suspended fine particles(3) Nitrogen oxides(4) Carbon monoxideAnswer: 2 2. Which of the following universities has received the Visitor’s Award for the best Central University in India in Feb. 2017?(1) University of Hyderabad(2) Jawaharlal Nehru University(3) Banaras Hindu University(4) Tezpur …

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UGC NET Paper-I (Solved) July 2016

1. Which of the following is the largest source of water pollution in major rivers of India?(A) Untreated sewage(B) Agriculture run-off(C) Unregulated small scale industries(D) Religious practicesAnswer: A 2. Sustainable development goals have specific targets to be achieved by(A) 2022(B) 2030(C) 2040(D) 2050Answer: B 3. Indian government’s target of producing power from biomass by the …

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