Books I Love!

“The Best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself …. the more you learn the more you’ll earn.” Warren Buffett

As a child I grew up reading a lot of books, my father being a primary teacher used to bring me books regularly to read from his school library which shaped my personality and thought process. When Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, the most successful personalities in the world were asked in an interview about which superpower you would like to have and the common answer was to read faster so that they can read more. The importance of reading in life can never be underestimated. As a teacher and in charge of Competitive Exam Guidance Cell, I am often asked by my students that “How can I improve my life and be successful” my simple answer to all such questions is ‘Read More’.

Experience is the best teacher, we all learn from experiences but the smartest guys don’t rely on their own experiences to learn, they learn from other’s experiences as well. Books give us that opportunity to learn from other’s experiences. When a writer writes a book, a fiction or non-fiction he pours his decades of experience and learning into it. Imagine you get a chance to learn from ‘the best in the world’ people about anything in life or at least the things you are interested in. for example, you get to learn from warren buffet on how to invest, you get to learn from Elon Musk on how to think differently and how to be innovative. you get to learn from Shakespeare how to write a play, is it possible can these stalwarts ever mentor you? and answer to all these questions is simply ‘Yes’. You can learn from them by reading books written by them or about them. Well, lets now talk about the books I have been reading repeatedly yes repeatedly because good books are like an addiction, once you start liking it you naturally attract towards them time and again.

Here is the list of the books I highly recommend:

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